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Ask-Socrates is an innovative, Software-as-a-Service platform offering unique perspective and tools intended to help individuals and organizations better research and interpret the global economic and political environment. Utilizing proprietary models, artificial intelligence and extensive database, this platform is capable of identifying changes in international capital flows and concentration with indicators and analysis not found elsewhere. Learn more About Us.

Due to the high demand from our initial launch, we have undertaken a project to update our service to accommodate our global audience (new servers, payments systems, data providers, etc). This will better enable us to release additional membership levels, offering more insights. While this won’t all take place at once (it is a big endeavor), members can still access their account, and free trials are available for anyone new looking to "kick the tires". We appreciate the enthusiasm and patience of our followers while we work on these exciting updates!

Here is a brief summary of what our platform consists of:

  • Private blog posts
    • Note, some blog posts may be limited to certain membership levels
  • Visual foreign exchange flow heat map
    • High level, color coded Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly renderings
  • Covered Markets for research
    • Access to price charts + our proprietary pattern recognition model (Global Market Watch)
    • Note, the list of Covered Markets varies by membership level
  • Market Subscriptions for more detail on a Covered Market
    • Unlocks recurring access to our proprietary market analysis text, along with additional Global Market Watch trends
    • Each membership level includes a pre-defined list of Market Subscriptions as part of their monthly membership fee
    • Members can add additional Market Subscriptions at any time (fees apply)
  • Market Access Credits to purchase our one-time Market Snahshot Reports
    • When a member wants to access the same details of a Market Subscription, but isn’t ready to subscribe to that market, they can purchase a one-time Market Snapshot Report using our Market Access Credits (fees apply)
  • Customizable "Watchlist"
    • Member-defined list of markets to keep top of mind for research

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Important Note: Ask-Socrates platform is not an individualized trading advisory service, nor is it a brokerage or money management service. This is a simply an innovative, proprietary research and information system to help broaden perspective, intended to be a supplement to other tools and information members can use to fit their needs. To learn more, please read out Terms and Conditions of Use carefully.

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Private Blog Posts

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